NFL Draft Big Board 3.0

Posted by Andrew Aziz on March 2, 2013 at 6:50 PM

Big Board 3.0


1. Luke Joeckel – Offensive Tackle – Texas A&M

One of the most technically sound tackles I’ve seen in a long time. Joeckel has fantastic footwork and good athleticism, which makes for a perfect tackle. He reminds me a lot of Joe Thomas. Wasn’t the best tackle at the combine, but he definitely didn’t hurt his stock.


2. Jarvis Jones – Outside Linebacker – Georgia

Jones is a fantastic pass rusher that is extremely explosive and quick. He’s a matchup nightmare for any tackle. He had a 15-sack season (2 against DJ Fluker) and showed that he can also make tackles as he compiled 86 total tackles. He reminds me a lot of Von Miller and there’s no doubt that he will be something like him.


3. Dee Milliner – Cornerback – Alabama

Milliner is an extremely talented cornerback, perhaps the most talented to come out in awile. He’s extremely physical corner who’s very tough to get around at the line of scrimmage. He’s also a very good tackler and can be a threat in the running game. He’s really the whole package, he can do everything, and these days, you don’t see that a lot from cornerbacks. Reminds me of a better Brandon Browner.


4. Shariff Floyd – Defensive Tackle – Florida

Floyd has risen a lot in recent weeks. A few weeks ago, he was in the late teens and early twenties. Now, he’s in the top 10. It’s well deserved, he was the anchor of a fantastic defense. He’s a very versatile player who can play in a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme. He’s a very good run stopper who became a lot better at pass rusher. He reminds of Richard Seymour and Cullen Jenkins.


5. Chance Warmack – Offensive Guard – Alabama

Perhaps the best guard to come out of college in the last 10 years (along with Decastro). He is an extremely good run blocker, and became a premier pass blocker. He lost weight too, which is a good thing, because that was one of his few negatives. He now has the ideal size for a guard.


6. Eric Fisher – Offensive Tackle – Central Michigan

Eric Fisher continues to rise. He has extremely good length and very good size for a tackle, and has very good footwork. He’s a player that really bloomed this year and although he played for a small school, he was dominant. He’s a fantastic pass blocker who can become a left tackle right away. I didn’t think his combine was that great, but it definitely helped his stock.


7. Star Lotulelei – Defensive Tackle – Utah

Although he has a bit of a heart problem, it doesn’t mean he’s not talented. He’s an extremely good run stopper, and turned into a pretty good pass rusher too. He went up against some very good interior lineman this year and destroyed all of them. He reminds me a lot of Vince Wilfork. He must be double teamed on each play.


8. Damontre Moore – Defensive End – Texas A&M

Moore had a fantastic year! He had 13 sacks this year, and emerged as arguably the best pass rusher in the nation. He’s a tad undersized but he’s very strong and explosive. He reminds me a lot of Robert Mathis, and there’s no doubt that he will be a 10+ sack within his first couple of years in the NFL.


9. Bjoern Werner – Defensive End – Florida State

Werner is a player that really surprised a lot of people this year. Although he’s still a bit raw, Werner improved dramatically and became the cornerstone of the Florida State defense. He became one of the best pass rushers in the country. He’s got good size, good strength and good speed.


10. Barkevious Mingo – Defensive End – LSU

Mingo is a very underrated pass rusher who’s poised to go in the top 10. He’s quick, explosive and smart, which makes for a dangerous pass rusher. Mingo has as much potential as the best guys in this draft. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have too much production to back it up. He needs to show up at the combine and his pro day to prove to the scouts that he’s the real deal.


11. Kenny Vaccaro – Safety – Texas

Vaccaro is easily the best safety in this draft as he’s just so good at everything. He’s a very solid tackler, who can be put in the box. He also proved that he’s good in coverage and took away the long ball a lot. He’s very athletic too. Reminds me of Mark Barron from last year’s draft.


12. Dion Jordan – Defensive End – Oregon

Although he’s a 4-3 defensive end, Jordan can probably become a great 3-4 rush outside linebacker. Jordan needs to add a bit of bulk, but the fact of the matter is he’s a fantastic all around player that can make an impact right away. He reminds me of Chandler Jones from last year, but can even offer more upside than Jones.

13. Jonathan Cooper – Offensive Guard – North Carolina

Cooper proved at the combine that he’s extremely agile and that his footwork is excellent. He could become one of the better pulling guards in the league, within the next couple of years. He’s better for a team that uses a zone blocking scheme, but he can do well in man blocking system.

14. Lane Johnson – Offensive Tackle – Oklahoma

Lane Johnson had himself a fantastic combine where he showed he ridiculous quickness. Along with Terron Armstead, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tackle or a offensive lineman as quick as Johnson. Ever. He can be that left tackle that pulls extremely well and does well against speed rushers. He could be a great right tackle right away and an extremely good left tackle within the next few years.


15. Sheldon Richardson – Defensive Tackle – Missouri

Richardson is an underrated player who can do it all. He can rush the quarterback, and can make tackles in the backfield. He doesn’t have the best size for a defensive tackle, but if he gets about 10 more pounds, he can become a force. He fits on every team, and can have an impact right away. He’s a very quick defensive tackle who reminds me of Henry Melton or Fletcher Cox.


16. Ezekiel Ansah – Defensive End – BYU

Ansah has a tremendous amount of potential. We’re talking about JPP potential. He’s an athletic freak, perhaps the biggest out of any defensive player. The only problem is that he’s extremely raw and doesn’t have much production to back him up. He’s a project with a lot of upside. He can do well backing up for a couple of years, and then he can become the superstar starter.


17. Alec Ogletree – Inside Linebacker – Georgia

A DUI will definitely not help his stock, but like Te’o the talent is there. He is an extremely aggressive linebacker who established himself as the leader of this great defense. A great tackler, Ogletree averaged about 8 tackles per game, and showed great ability to blitz the quarterback. Ogletree is a linebacker that can do everything when in the box. Now he must prove to perform better in coverage.


18. Geno Smith – Quarterback – West Virginia

Smith is not getting a lot of love from other scouts. I think he’s a fantastic quarterback, who proved he’s athletic at the combine. He can make a lot of throws and can make those throws on the run. He has great pocket presence and is improving on his reading. The thing that I like from him is that he improves every season, which is a huge positive for scouts. The 18 spot is about right for Smith. He can be an immediate starter for about 5-8 teams.


19. Jonathan Hankins – Defensive Tackle – Ohio State

Hankins is a big boy. He dropped a little since the start of the season, but he’s still a very productive player who can play in both a 3-4 and a 4-3 system. Hankins is a very good run stopper, who commands double teams a lot. He’s not much of a pass rusher, but you don’t necessarily need great pass rushing skills from a nose tackle. Hankins can start right away and have an impact.


20. Manti Te’o – Linebacker – Notre Dame

Te’o is an interesting one. Despite all the crap that’s been going on the last couple of months, he’s still a top talent and the best inside linebacker in the draft. He’s a great tackler and great in coverage. If it weren’t for a bad game in the national championship, he’d be in the top 6. Te’o will make an immediate impact on any team.


21. Keenan Allen – Wide Receiver – California

I was really hoping that Allen would participate at the combine, but he didn’t and that only hurt his stock. A lot of his competition helped their stock. However, Allen is still a great player, and, in my opinion, the top receiver in the draft. The reason I think he’s the best (contrary to popular belief) is because of the system he played in. It’s not a pass heavy system, and the quarterback is not very good at all. Even with all of that working against him, Allen still put up great numbers and a lot of impressive plays. Allen is very strong and wins a lot of those one on one “reach for the sky” battles. Allen can be a very solid compliment to any receiver and a good #1 receiver right away.


22. Matt Elam – Safety – Florida

Elam isn’t a big safety, but he’s stout and a fantastic tackler. He’s the best tackler out of any of the safeties in this draft. He had 77 tackles this season. The reason why Vaccaro is better is because of his size, his athleticism and his play in coverage. Elam could be a better player in the box. He reminds me of Donte Whitner. He’s even more of a playmaker than Whitner, and even Vaccaro.


23. Cordarelle Patterson – Wide Receiver – Tennessee

Patterson is arguably the best receiver in the country. Actually, many experts believe that he’s the best. Patterson really rose this year, especially at the end. He proved that he’s explosive and that any ball that comes close to him is one that he could catch. He makes some nice catches in traffic and runs pretty good routes. He could be a threat anywhere on the field, which is why many people value him very highly. Patterson has a lot of potential.


24. Xavier Rhodes – Cornerback – Florida State

Rhodes really helped himself a lot at the combine. He ran a very good 40 time, and looked solid in the positional drills. At Florida State, he was the star of that secondary, making a lot of big plays, but at the same time, shut down a lot of the guys he went against. The only reason why I don’t have him higher is because of the competition he went against. For the majority of the season, he went up against a bunch of nobodies. Had he went up against better competition; I’d have him around 13.


25. Tyler Eifert – Tight End – Notre Dame

Eifert was in a head to head battle with Zach Ertz going into the combine. Eifert came out the better man. Eifert was easily the best tight end at the combine. He was at the top of every athletic drill and impressed in the positional drills. He’s an impressive receiving tight end as he’s a former wide receiver. He’s also improving in his blocking. Eifert could become one of the better tight ends in the game within the next few years.


26. Tavon Austin – Wide Receiver – West Virginia

Austin had himself an amazing combine. He ran a blazing 4.34 40 yard time, and impressed in many of the drills. What separates him from a lot of the other receivers is his versatility. Austin can play outside, in the slot, and even as a running back. He’s a mix of Steve Smith and Percy Harvin. Had he not been able to play running back, he’d probably be a 2nd round pick. Austin has good hands and great speed, and teams will definitely use him a lot on the field.


27. Kawann Short – Defensive Tackle – Purdue

Short is a very underrated player. He got recognition this year, but not as much as his peers. Short can do everything, and has the perfect size as well. He’s a very good pass rusher, getting 7 sacks this year. He’s also a good run stopper, overpowering the interior lineman and getting into the backfield. He made a lot of tackles this year. He’s the type of guy that you’re happy to have on your team. He reminds me of Gerald McCoy in a few ways.


28. Sylvester Williams – Defensive Tackle – North Carolina

Williams is also a very underrated defensive tackle. He doesn’t get the spotlight because he plays at North Carolina, but he’s very solid. He has 6 sacks this year, proving he’s a solid pass rusher. On top of being a solid pass rusher, he’s a fantastic run stopper. He bounces off blocks, and gets in the backfield quickly. He’s got good size and good athletic ability. He can start right away for most teams and have an impact. One of those guys that doesn’t do anything special, he just gets the job done.


29. Johnthan Banks – Cornerback – Mississippi State

Banks had an extremely disappointing combine, but the combine doesn’t mean everything. It actually doesn’t mean that much. Watch Banks in action this year, like the game against Auburn, where he had 2 interceptions and was just a beast during the whole game. Banks has good instincts and even though he’s a bit slow, he can play with a lot of the speedier guys. Because of his great size, he can also play with a lot of the big guys too. He’s a big boy, and with the league transitioning to big cornerbacks, he’ll be a hot commodity.


30. John Jenkins – Nose Tackle – Georgia

Jenkins is big. Jenkins is really big. Jenkins is 360 pounds. That size alone along with a decent amount of athleticism makes you a pretty dangerous nose tackle. He’s barely a pass rusher, but he’s an outstanding run stopper, and commands a double team on almost every play. He’s not a 3 down guy, but if his motor is going, he’s dangerous. He should try and lose a bit of weight, gain some muscle and become a bit more athletic. You don’t want to be too big, but this guy is talented and has a pretty high ceiling.


31. Sam Montgomery – Defensive End – LSU

Montgomery had a very solid season at LSU, and even had a more productive one than his teammate (and higher rated DE) Barkevious Mingo. Montgomery wasn’t flashy, but he got the job done a lot. Sam Montgomery had some very good performances against some great teams. Those teams include South Carolina, LSU, and Clemson, all ranked teams, two of which were in the top 10. Montgomery can be a solid 3 down defensive end for a lot of teams, providing a very solid pass rush as well as decent play in the run stopping game.


32. Zach Ertz – Tight End – Stanford

Ertz is a more well rounded tight end than Tyler Eifert, but in the most important category: receiving, Ertz doesn’t stack up to Eifert. Don’t get me wrong though, Ertz had a great year receiving, showing his big play ability. He has big size, and very good hands, which make him a valuable player. Tight ends are only getting bigger and bigger, and some teams like Atlanta or Chicago definitely need guys like him.


Just Missing the Cut: 33. Margus Hunt (DE – SMU), 34. DJ Fluker (OT – Alabama) 35. Kevin Minter (LB – LSU), 36. Jesse Williams (NT – Alabama), 37. Robert Woods (WR – USC) 38. Matt Barkley (QB – USC)


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